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APolitical Hosts
Brian Watson, Tremaine Jasper, Corey Foster, Myron Douglass

Several years ago, Myron Douglass, Corey Foster, Tremaine Jasper, and Brian Watson realized that we could affect a larger culture by sharing political information on a global scale.

APolitical was then transcended from an idea to a podcast that explores social and political themes from a Black man’s perspective with an emphasis on positively impacting the African-American culture.

APolitical is a media platform by Black men to serve the African American culture. We engage in political conversations and raise public awareness on issues specifically affecting policies that impact us. We have created this podcast to facilitate these discussions, provide information and education, offer strategic solutions, and viable options to commence change. We are committed, dedicated, and obligated to serve in the purpose in providing timely, relevant, and political information to our growing audience.

Stay tuned for the evolution of APolitical!

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