About APolitical


The Brotherhood is what we like to call it. Several years ago, purpose brought us all together: Myron Douglass, Corey Foster, Tremaine Jasper, and Brian Watson. Each of us serving in the capacity of leadership, implementing changes to positively impact the community. Together we worked on projects such as Project Alpha, a youth mentor group; a publication to keep the community informed; and a men’s health platform to provide awareness and information. That is when we realized that we could affect a larger culture by sharing political information on a global scale. APolitical was then transcended from an idea to a podcast that explores social and political themes from a Black man’s perspective with an emphasis on positively impacting the African-American culture.


Our proven leadership ability is the driving force behind APolitical. We have first learned to lead through our own personal lives, we have a passion for our people, and have made the community our priority. We focus on information that will transform and education that will empower. There is no substitute for men that are honorable, intelligent, and that walk in power and purpose.


Since 2010, we have dedicated ourselves to serving the communities in which we live. Community involvement is embedded in the core of our brotherhood. Through volunteer service, philanthropic contributions, and giving and acquiring sponsors; we continue to support causes that positively impact our culture.


APolitical is a media platform by Black men to serve the African American culture. We engage in political conversations and raise public awareness on issues specifically affecting policies that impact us. We have created this podcast to facilitate these discussions, provide information and education, offer strategic solutions, and viable options to commence change. We are committed, dedicated, and obligated to serve in the purpose in providing timely, relevant, and political information to our growing audience.